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Raft builds feedONE for low latency data streaming for weapon to weapon communication in resource-constrained environments for ABMS

feedONE is deployed on a C17 node as part of the ABMS exercise at Ramstein AFB and as edge deployment at Shadow Operations Center (ShOC) at Nelis, AFB as part of ABMS exercises

Chief Architect Office (CAO) led Data Summit at Pentagon w/ Silicon Valley partners. Raft presents the benefits of a streaming and federated data architecture

Raft starts building the Data Fabric MVP in collaboration with CAO with a focus on providing a single pane of glass for multiple data platforms with built-in AI/ML capabilities in Cloud and Edge.

Raft uses the AI/ML layer of Data Fabric MVP to compete in and win Datathon Cogpilot challenge by MIT AI Accelerator and Chief Data Office by successfully predicting the difficulty level of test flights based on pilot physiological data.

CAO and General Thompson (VCSO Space Force) establish using Data Fabric MVP for Space Domain Awareness

Raft performs D&F with 18th and 19th Space Squadrons and deploys Data Fabric MVP on MXS (Platform One based environment from HNJT) on Cloud One Development

End-to-end capability demonstration, discovering data in the Data Catalog, combining multiple data streams and delivering the data to a mock mission app

Data Fabric deployed from Infrastructure as Code using Flux V2, on Big Bang with Zero Trust Security enabled via Istio

Data Catalog integration with Envision data platform and data onboarding architecture

Raft works with CAO to initiate an IATT and an ATO for IL4 deployment of Data Fabric MVP

Data Fabric MVP works with Chief Data Office of Space Force to onboard the Meta Data Repository (MDR) onto data fabric as a new data platform.

Corsair Ranch (AATC Software Factory) starts using and adding additional features to Data Fabric MVP to perform AI/ML at the edge. Data Fabric MVP is deployed on Azure Edge Stack.

Edge-to-Edge and Edge-to-Cloud data replication across multiple geographically distributed Data Fabric MVP enclaves.

Prediction engine for collective data sources from Open Source data streams as well as existing data platforms like Envision, UDL, and others

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